Club Repeaters

Lamorinda Area Radio Interest Group operates three UHF and three GMRS repeaters in the Lamorinda area. These repeaters are open repeaters. The UHF repeaters may be used by any licensed amateur radio operators regardless of club affiliation, as long as they operated in accordance with the FCC and club rules. GMRS repeaters may also be used by anyone.

K6ORI Voice Repeaters

    • 440.975  +123.0 PL  (Orinda)
    • 440.550  +123.0 PL  (Moraga)
    • 442.975  +123.0 PL  (Lafayette)
    • 462.700  +77.0 PL  (Orinda)
    • 462.675  +77.0 PL  (Moraga)
    • 462.725  +77.0 PL  (Lafayette)